Monday, September 15, 2008


Inspired by Rein Henrichs Hack && Ship, I have created Git-O-Mator.

Git-O-Mator is more name than these 2 simple scripts deserve, but what fun is naming small?

Git-O-Mator can be found on GitHub, and contains the scripts new_repo and hack.  

New_repo was originally mentioned in the last blog post "Quick Remote Git Repository Creation Script", and has the syntax of:

new_repo foo

Which will create a Git repository locally and on a remote host account that you configure.

Hack is very similar to Hack && Ship.  Syntax is:

hack on

This will automatically switch to the default branch which you can easily configure. Alternatively you can use:

hack on foo

Where "foo" is the name of the specific branch you wish to use.  If the branch does not exist, it is created.  

To rebase with the master, you have:

hack sync

To merge and push to your remote repository:

hack push

It also supports Rein's ssp (Simple Software Process) with:

hack ssp

Which is equivalent to hack sync && hack push.  If you prefer hack sync && rake && hack push, then you may use the -t flag for testing:

hack ssp -t

Silly little experiment.  If you see room for improvement, feel free to fork and improve!

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