Monday, February 18, 2008

Merb Monday: State of flux

This week's edition is a little short. Certainly not for lack of activity in #merb, but due to the continued disturbance in the force caused by the 0.9 transition.

0.5 to 0.9 is a big jump (no wonder they skipped 0.6, 0.7 and 0.8!) Most of the discussion this week continued to be related to the transition to 0.9 and trouble ticket type "stuff".

0.9 was released (kinda), however this is a "developer" release and still has some wrinkles to be ironed out before a general public release will be pushed to RubyForge. If you are anxious to give it a spin, check Merbivore.

It looks like there will likely be a 0.9.1 "developer" release in the near future. Once we get to a 0.9.x general public release things should settle down and this series should get back to normal.

merbful_authentication should soon be updated to be compatible with 0.9.

Required Reading
0.9 introduces some really cool changes. One of those is Rack integration. You should read Ezra's post "So merb-core is built on rack you say? Why should I care?"

Q: If I use ActiveRecord as the ORM, do I then use ActiveRecord's migrations (and its syntax) by default?

A: Yes. You can use ActiveRecord with Merb as you would with Rails. (Answer by amoeba)

Q: How do you generate an app in Merb 0.9?

A: ./script/generate is gone. In it's place now lives merb-gen.

merb-gen myapp # a normal merb app

merb-gen myapp --flat # a flattened app

merb-gen myapp --very-flat # a single-file app
(Answer by ivey)

Answer Of The Week

And the answer to many of the questions this week which followed the format of:

Q: _____________________ in Merb 0.9?

A: "It's not in -core anymore" (Answer by ivey)

Audience Participation

Q: Assuming you are using ActiveRecord with Merb, how can you share models with a Rails application?

If you leave your answer in the comments, I'll post it next week. (hint) (Question & link by seebg)