Monday, February 25, 2008

Merb Monday: The Leap Year Edition

Official documentation has been updated to include 0.9. Still a little light, but coming along. If you would like to help, create your own git branch and have at it!

Ivey had a baby. Congratulations!

Expect 0.9.1 (developer release) today (or soon).

You get an "extra" day this week. Use it wisely.

Code name: Merblets.


Q: What!? No RJS?

A: You can do anything rjs can do with *.js.erb templates (Answer by ezmobius)

Q: I read that Merb is template agnostic. What templates languages do I have available?

A: erb out of the box (erubis), haml (merb_haml as a dependency in init.rb), markaby (Answer by sqred)

Q: What does a named route in Merb look like?

A: r.match("/login").to(:controller => "Sessions", :action => "new").name(:login)
(Answer by jodo)

Q: Does Merb have a debugger tool?

A: You can use ruby-debug. Start Merb with the -D option to enable ruby-debug support.
Enter "debugger" somewhere in your code as a breakpoint. (Answer by jdempsey)

Q: How do I find out what version of Merb I'm using?

A: merb -v (Answer by ezmobius)

Q: How can I see the current routes?

A: merb -i
(Answer by ezmobius)

Q: Can the cookie session be used for large production apps?

A: As long as you don't store really sensitive info in the session then cookie sessions are fine (Answer by ezmobius)