Monday, February 4, 2008

Merb Monday: Environment variables, partials, etc.

I see a lot questions asked and answered in the #merb IRC room.

Many of them are questions that later I wish I remembered the answer to! So I'm going to try to keep track of questions I see asked and answered and record them here for the benefit of myself and others, and hopefully publish them here every Monday.

I might re-phrase the questions and answers slightly, as the writing tends to be quite terse on IRC.

Q: How do you check the current environment in Merb? I'm looking for the Merb equivalent to RAILS_ENV.

A: Merb.environment (Answered by: Booster)

Q: How do you render partials?

A: You use the partial method.

Scenario 1: You wish to render a partial template found in the same directory as your action's view template.

partial :foo
This will look in the current directory for a file named _foo.html.erb

Scenario 2: You wish to render a partial template found in a different directory than the action's view template.
partial 'common/foo'
This will look for the file views/common/_foo.html.erb
(Answered by: jp_n9)

Q: I'm trying to run my db:migrate and I'm getting a "no such file to load -- spec/rake/spectask" error.

A: Make sure you have the rspec gem installed.
sudo gem install rspec
(Answered by: octopod)

Q: How do I start merb in production mode?

A: Use the -e option. For example,
merb -e production
For a complete list of parameters type:
merb --help
(Answered by: Phoop)

Q: How do I get Merb to log data to the log file?

A: Make sure that you start Merb as a daemon with the -d directive, this will cause output to be logged to the log file located in the log/ directory (instead of being output to the console window).
merb -d
(Answered by: ezmobius)

Q: How can I use HAML for my templates?

A: Name your files with the .html.haml extension instead of the default .html.erb extension.

Example: name.html.haml

Second, you need to edit dependencies.rb to include the line:
dependency "haml"
You will also need to have the haml gem installed on your system. Restarting Merb will also likely be required.
(Answered by: QaDeS, bradly)

Q: Is there an easy way to get the current URL in a merb view?

A: I think it's request.uri
(Answered by: hassox)

In my testing the request variable does not appear to be directly available from a view template. However if you need that information you can easily pass the entire request variable, or just request.uri, into your view from the controller.


  1. Also we can get current action name ftom variable action_name

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