Monday, June 4, 2007

Olympics: London 2012

The beauty you behold at your right is the newly unveiled official Olympics London 2012 logo.

This logo is the result of over a year's work and a rumored budget of nearly US$800,000.

Wow. Just wow.

While the marketing goop claims the logo is "dynamic, modern and flexible", "an invitation to take part and be involved" those not on the payroll seem be generally... unimpressed (to say the least).

Among the blogging community comments such as the following were common:

"Too bad it's horrendous..." - UX Magazine

"Actually, it's just a jaggy picture" - Seth Godin

"London 2012 olympic logo disaster" - David Airey

Comments from the BBC article:

"RIDICULOUS!! [...] It makes me feel depressed and ashamed! " - unbeatableimogen

"they simply must change this appalling logo" - elsieb66

YesIKnowAll compared it to "a 4-year-old using microsoft paint for the first time."

Elsewhere commenters compared it to the work of "a 5 year old kid [...] with crayons".

There is already even an online petition stating: "We, the undersigned, call on the London Olympic committee to scrap and change the ridiculous logo unveiled for the London 2012 Olympics."

To me the real question is "What happened here"?

Is this design by committee gone horribly wrong? Did the designers at Wolff Olins really think this was a good idea?


  1. Hopefully it won't be long before the public's opinion reverses the design decision.

    I read that the same thing happened with an olympic design in Beijing. There's so much design talent in the UK so this is kind of embarrassing.

  2. ps: I'm David Airey and thanks very much for linking to my article above.

  3. David:

    Thanks for you comment. It is pretty sad. Glad to provide the link!