Friday, May 25, 2007

Blogging 101: I messed up.

I have had a blog for about 6 months, but just this month I have put some real effort into getting things rolling.

Unfortunately in the excitement I totally messed up.

A number of ideas for articles came to mind, and so I wrote. I wrote and I published. The error? In doing so I was wrapped up in the writing and forgot my audience.

Forgetting your audience is a huge mistake.

So at the end of a month I looked back over my posts and realized, "Who would want to subscribe to this?"

While hopefully I have been able to produce some material that will be of interest to readers, it failed to address a single audience. My current or potential business clients would have no interest in the more technical articles, and fellow designers and developers would have little interest in the articles aimed at educating business owners about websites.

I made a mistake. Fortunately when working with the digital medium, it is not terribly difficult to fix mistakes - especially if caught early on.

Thus, what I have done is taken my single group of posts and split them into two separate blogs.

All articles which I think will be useful to businesses interested in creating, updating, expanding or improving their website will be kept at the "It's All In The Details" blog.

All articles which are aimed at the web designer & developer community have been moved to this blog "Just In Time".

I hope this separation will make it easier for readers to quickly find and subscribe to the stream of information most interesting to them.

The lesson of which I was reminded? Whatever it is you are doing, always stop and think about your audience.

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